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These days attracting new clients is not easy, latest studies revealed that “keeping & preserving” our actual clients is much more important and even twice more economical to our company than acquiring new ones.

But preserving the client is not only about the classic “Customer Service” we know or only about establishing & strengthening our links with him and his staff. It is more complex, it is about building a well-structured and abiding plan that creates real “customer value proposition” which is an approach to doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience by maximizing service and/or product offerings and tightening relationships



  • The current situation in Sales. Where want to go?
  • The 3 most common BLOCKAGES of the sales rep in gaining new doors
  • How to start thinking the new way? (Use social media & digital information)
  • Understand the 3 Customer’s pain point and propose action based on “value proposition”
  • Turn an initial rejection to an opportunity (“No” means “NOT Now”)
  • Ask the right questions to understand his business deeper
  • Calculate the potential of the POS and show a clear business outcome
  • Master the “Client Value Proposition” to show why a prospect would work with you
  • Achieve a more efficient field visit execution to get new clients now and forever
  • How to handle objections? Use the technique to obtain a YES
Elie Dibeh

Elie Dibeh

  • Owner of « Level UP » Business Training & Consulting – Lebanon.
  • Senior Consultant for Phoenix Training & Development, London.
  • PWC Middle East, Adjunct Lecturer.