Elie Dibeh

    Management & Leadership,
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“The simplest starting answer is with the old cliché that “time is money.” As you grow more efficient at managing your time, you can devote more of it to tasks that other people are willing to pay you for. In addition, you can complete those tasks more quickly, and so raise your effective billing rate if you’re performing any sort of fixed-price work, or justify charging premium prices if you’re on hourly rates. But that’s hardly the whole story.

Managing our time and setting priorities are becoming very important but stressful tasks to handle during our daily working lives. This creates lots of conflicts and stress to us and to our staff.

Certainly, there should be a way out to “compute” and to deal with this stress and organize our time in a more efficient way.”

Elie Dibeh

  • Owner of « Level UP » Business Training & Consulting – Lebanon.
  • Senior Consultant for Phoenix Training & Development, London.
  • PWC Middle East, Adjunct Lecturer.