Elie Dibeh

    Retail & Operations,
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“A complete Retail operations based training program for a DO-IT-YOURSELF in-house implementation actually used in modern retail and distribution industries. Retail marketing also known as retail management is now very crucial in our business lives. With its strategic approach, planning for Retail remains indispensable to face and adapt to a complex & changing environment.

Help Distributors properly understand how the Retailer thinks and builds his retail strategy and partnership with suppliers. It allows attendees understand better both, the Retailer’s behavior as well as the consumer behavior. This workshop will go deep through the commercial agreements signed and tackles the many types of discounts, trade allowances and consumer sales promos and show their impacts on the Retailer’s strategy as well as on their shelf spaces.”

Elie Dibeh

  • Owner of « Level UP » Business Training & Consulting – Lebanon.
  • Senior Consultant for Phoenix Training & Development, London.
  • PWC Middle East, Adjunct Lecturer.